How To Take Nail Care?

  • Never clip nails to shorten them. Use an emery board to file nails down to size.
  • Use nail polish remover as infrequently as possible - especially those containing acetone. Most nail polish removers will dry nails out. Many specialists suggest using nail polish remover no more than once a week.
  • Apply a hand cream or lotion after washing hands since soaps tend to cause nails and skin to become very dry. Cuticles should remain moisturized with Vaseline or a moisturizer such as Moisturel or Aquaphor. (Tip: Apply moisturizer before going to sleep each night.)
  • Never peel or scrape off nail polish or use metal instruments on the nail surface to push back the cuticles. This can scrape off the protective cells of the nail surface.
  • Break the habit of nail biting - it is very destructive to both the nail and the cuticle and can lead to infections that can actually deform the nail.
  • An excellent time to do your manicure is after a shower, bath or the dishes. These activities will remove dirt from under the nails as well as soften dry nails.
  • The cuticle protects the nail root from bacteria. Instead of cutting the cuticle, push it back gently with a rosewood stick or rubber-tipped cuticle-pusher. However, should the cuticle be hard and dry and sticking up, slightly trimming it is justifiable, but never remove the whole thing. Strong cuticle growth can be controlled with a cuticle softener or cuticle remover liquid.
  • Keep your nails out of your mouth! Biting nails can damage the nail and the cuticle leading to a deformed nail shape or uneven nail growth. You can also transfer harmful organisms to the nail that lead to infection or even increase one's chance of catching a cold or flu.
  • A top coat or sealer is a liquid that is applied over the nail polish. Any clear nail polish can be used as a top coat or sealer. This will minimize chipping or cracking of the nail. On natural nails, a clear coat can be used every day for seven days to give the nail protection and keep the moisture in.
  • Sometimes nail polish, dirt and bacteria can stain the nails. This can be removed by using a Q-tip or an orangewood stick with a cotton tip. Soak the cotton in 10 parts water mixed with 1 part bleach, then rub the nail where the stain is. This will remove most stains from the nails. Scrub under the nails with a nail brush or toothbrush with soap or bleach solution to remove stains under the nails.

Thirty-Minute Pedicure

Clean toenails and remove all traces of polish with a conditioning remover, as described for the manicure.

Cut toenails using a nail clipper and file into the desired shape using the rough side of an emery board. Hold the board slightly angled down over the edge of the nail. Smooth the edges towards the center with a light motion; don't cut or file them always as this weakens the nail and can lead to in-growing toenails.

Lightly massage the nail contours with a cuticle oil or cream.
Place both feet in a bowl of warm water into which you have added a handful of bath salts or a few drops of pure essential oil such as peppermint. Soak feet for five to ten minutes.

Dry feet thoroughly with a towel and apply a drop of cuticle remover to the nail contours. Leave it on for a few minutes while you smooth away any hard skin or callouses on the soles of your feet using an exfoliating cream. Then gently 'roll' the cuticles back with a manicure stick covered with cotton wool. Massage hard skin again with the scrub, then rinse off in the warm water.

Rinse your feet in cold water to boost circulation. Dry them again with a towel, paying special attention to the skin between your toes.
Clean your toenails again with a cotton pad soaked in remover to take off any oily film.

If required, apply a hardening formula to the toenails, taking care not to let it touch the cuticle or the surrounding skin.
Apply a base coat, followed by two coats of polish, and finally a top coat, as described for the manicure. Placing cotton wool between your toes separates them to make applying polish easier.

The cuticles on toenails are so tough, it's important to work on them with a cuticle remover at least once a month, paying particular attention to the little toe, which usually suffers the most. If you have a dry skin on your feet, the best way to remove it is with a scrub cream, which will leave your feet smoother and well conditioned or best of all, use pumice stone for smoothing those rough patches.

Getting rid of foot Foot Blisters ?

Get rid of foot blisters
People have been using dandelion leaves for years.

How to use
Apparently you have to squeeze a little of the white liquid of the dandelion onto the blister and then cover it with a bandage.

Caution: Only use dandelions that have not been sprayed with pesticides and if this liquid causes any discomfort, wash it off immediately. You could have a skin sensitivity to the substance.

How To Take Foot Care?

Clipping toenails Don't clip right into the corners so as to avoid painful ingrown nails. Cut them straight across to just above the tip of each toe & file the sharp edges. A good "clipping" moment would be after a shower/bath where nails are much softer. Use a pair of toenail scissors or a clipper.

An ingrown toenail results when corners of the nail curves into the skin on the side of the toe.

Alternate shoes Give the pair worn the previous day a chance to air & breathe.

Smelly feet Besides using products such as foot powder/spray to help eliminate smelly & sweaty feet, air your feet as often as you can. Wear fresh pairs of cotton socks, stockings or tights.

Socks, stockings & tights Wear the size that gives you a comfortable fit. Too tight can lead to foot aches, foot cramps & painful ingrown toenails while too loose could cause blisters.

Foot bath & massage Treat your feet to either a warm or cooling bath, massaging & scrubbing at the same time then dry your feet, especially between toes.

Moisturize Use a rich moisturizing lotion.

Stone rub Remove rough spots & calluses with a good quality pumice stone. Walk barefoot It is a good form of massage, helping to strengthen foot muscles, energize aching & tired feet. Wriggle your toes too so that they loosen up.

Repair or replace worn-out shoes Shoes with worn-out soles & heels should be replaced or when possible repaired.

Feet size
If you have 1 foot bigger than the other (very common), your shoe must always fit the bigger foot. Our feet size changes as we grow older.

Timing Shoe fitting is best done late in the afternoon or in the evening when your foot is at it's largest.

Shoe size Different shoe manufacturers vary their shoe sizes, so try them on before buying & don't be tempted to grab that last pair on the shelf that is not your size.

Shoe style Refrain from buying shoes that are very pointed or narrow at the front, it could force not just the toes but the whole foot to ache terribly.

Right fit Wear shoes that fit nicely onto your foot. Make sure there is a gap infront of your toes, wide enough for your toes to wriggle. Your heel must rest securely on the shoe heel. A good pair of shoes must give support & offer comfort to your feet.

High vs Low High heels make you taller, attractive perhaps but they can be a problem unlike the low heels that are less damaging & safer. Nevertheless, if it's impossible to separate you from high heels, be sure the shank is strong & stable enough to support your weight.

Blisters To avoid getting blisters, rub with a new bar of soap along the edges or areas within the shoes.

Put feet up Lift them up to relieve tiredness.

Leather Still well loved despite competition from rubber & plastic. Leather shoes when worn long enough conforms to every part of your feet even the shape of your toes!

Buying sports shoes Put on a pair of socks that you would usually wear before trying on any of the shoes -
1. Walking - Has to be lightweight, gives good support & provides an adequate space between foot & shoe.
2. Running - Must offer good support & cushioning. Walking shoes are not meant for running.
3. Hiking- Wear hiking shoes when you are going hiking. Choose light-weight type for non-treacherous route.

Athlete's foot (Tinea pedis) Mostly caused by a moisture-loving fungus called trichophyton. This infection occurs on the skin's surface & is usually accompanied by itch, blisters, red rash or a dry & scaly rash.

According to Dr. John Heinerman in his book Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices (Prentice Hall, 1994), he recommends the use of raw garlic juice against fungal infection.

Ms. Isabelle Navarre-Brown writes in 76 Ways to Use Noni Fruit Juice (Direct Source, 2001) that the use of a noni foot bath can help foot problems such as athlete's foot, blisters, bunions, calluses & soreness.

Other effective anti-fungal treatments include :
. Add 15-20 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl of warm water & soak feet for 15 minutes 2 to
3 times daily. Let dry.
. Apply tea tree oil directy onto affected areas 2 times a day.
. Combine 5 drops of tea tree oil with 115 ml of aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. Shake well. Spray onto affected areas 2 times a day. Let dry. Aloe vera soothes itchiness.

How To Do Hand Massage?

To stimulate circulation, rub your palm over the back of the hand and then repeat with the other hand.

This movement is very similar to washing your hands and it does not only stimulate circulation, it also warms the hands.

How To Do Home Manicure?

  • Remove old nail polish with a single stroke by soaking a cotton wool pad with nail polish remover.
  • Wipe away traces of polish around the cuticles stick dipped in remover.
  • Using an emery board, shape nails lightly, working from both edges towards the centre. Avoid moving the board back and forth quickly, which produces heat that dries out the nail and leads to splitting. Try holding the emery board at a single angle under the nail. Don't file down the sides- the nail tip needs the sides as support, otherwise it will weaken and nicks form.
  • Apply a cuticle remover around the nail contours. Using the tip of a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton wool, gently push back the skin. Work away dead tissue before carefully passing the stick under cuticles.
  • Wash your hands in warm soapy water, and brush nails with a soft manicure brush so that polish will adhere to them properly. Pat hands dry with a towel.
    If nails are weak, apply a strengthening or hardening product, paying special attention to the tips. Allow to dry.
  • Apply a protective base coat, covering the entire nail but stopping short of the cuticle.
  • Apply two coats of polish, starting with a single stroke down the center of the nail, then across the cuticle base and down the two sides without touching the cuticle. Allow each coat to dry. Finish with a top coat for extra gloss and the shield against chipping.
  • For optimum skin and nail health, check that your diet includes plenty of vitamin A, E and B complex, and the minerals calcium, Zinc, magnesium and iodine. If need be, take nail-fortifying vitamin and minerals supplements.

How To Do French Manicure?

It's essential to prepare your hands and nails before applying nail polish. First, exfoliate your hands by massaging them using a small amount of body scrub. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly. One of the main causes of chapped hands is not drying them properly after washing.

File your nails. If they are brittle or tend to split, keep them flat across the top with smooth, rounded edges. When filing, move in one direction, from outer corner to centre-sawing movements can damage the nail plate. Choose a nail file with a fine surface that glides over the nail.

Coat hands in a layer of sweet almond oil, to nourish and soften, then wrap in a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes. Unwrap, and gently push back cuticles using a rubber hoof stick (available from most chemists). Never use cuticle clippers, as they can nick the skin. Rinse hands with warm water and dry thoroughly to remove any oil residue.

Apply one coat of base coat over your entire nail and allow a couple of minutes to dry. This will help strengthen the nail. Some products also level fine ridges and imperfections, leaving a smooth surface to apply polish. There's a wide range of base coats to choose from.

For a square look, paint a straight line across the tips; for a rounded appearance, follow the curve of the nail; and to get a pointed style, paint in from each side to the centre. Some manicure kits include sticky strips to use as a guide. when applying, lay your hand on a flat surface and keep the ball of your painting hand steady and keep the ball of your painting hand steady by resting it on the same surface. Leave to dry.

Finally, apply a coat of translucent shell-pink polish over the entire nail to seal the whitened tip and complete the look. Allow 10 minutes for it to dry. For extra shine and protection, apply a clear, glossy top coat.

Mixed Fruit Explosion

1 large banana(peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces); 2 kiwi fruits(peeled and quartered); 1/2 cup peeled and diced mangoes; 1/2 cup peeled and diced papayas; 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice; 3 ice cubes;

Combine all ingredients in blender and whip until smooth.

Yoghurt and Pomegranate Mocktail

400ml yoghurt,1 tbsp pomegranate seeds,sugar cubes,a pinch of rock salt,ice-cubes.

For Garnishing:
a pinch of cumin powder(roasted);

Blend the ice-cubes,yoghurt and the sugar cubes till frothy.Add the pomegranate and the rock salt.Garnish with cumin powder and serve.

Lime and Lemony

400ml Sprite,1 tsp chaat masala,1tsp sugar syrup,1 tsp lemon juice,1 tsp ginger juice,2 lemon leaves.

Place ice-cubes in a glass.Add all the ingredients.Serve with lemon leaves on top.

Lemon-Lime Ginger Ale

handful of grapes; 1 apple, cored and sliced; 1/2 inch fresh ginger (less if you find the taste too strong); 1/2 lime; 1/4 lemon; sparkling mineral water;

Remove the grapes from the stem. Juice the apple and ginger together, then juice the rest of the fruit. Pour the juice in a large glass and fill to the top with sparkling water and serve with ice.

Mosambi Cooler

200 ml sweet lime(mosambi) juice,rock salt,pepper powder,crushed ice.

For Garnishing:
3-4 basil leaves.

Place the crushed ice in the bottom of the glass.Add salt and pepper to the mosambi juice, and pour over the ice.Garnish with basil leaves and serve.


250 ml orange juice,1 tsp lemon rind(chopped),2 tsp lemon juice,1 tsp Tabasco sauce,crushed ice,lemon wedges;

Rim a tall glass with salt and leave in fridge for one hour.Add crushed ice at the bottom of the glass and pour the orange juice.Add the lemon juice,lemon rind and the Tabasco sauce.Serve with lemon wedges.